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About Us

Molloy’s is the brainchild of couple Pete Molloy & Billie-Jo O’Brien.  

Pete worked in sales for a pharmaceutical & natural health products packaging company for 10+ years, gaining extensive knowledge of many ingredients and their properties, before deciding to shift into online sales of raw ingredients and supplies for soap and personal care manufacturers, and DIY’ers.  

Billie-Jo, an impromptu crafter and lover of all things skincare & makeup, wanted a brick and mortar version of the same online store, which would also carry a variety of finished personal care products (soap, skincare, makeup etc.) made both in-house and by local crafters, and a workshop/studio to host related classes and events.

Together they agreed the store had to be sustainable and eco-friendly; they wanted ingredients sold in-store to be available both packaged and in bulk refill, and wanted to carry a variety of zero waste items - all to assist people on their personal path to reducing plastic and eliminating unnecessary waste.

The first Molloy's store opened September 1st, 2018 in Cambridge ON.

Pete and Billie-Jo have two dogs, Vedder and Muffin, who you may run into in-store on any given day.  Don’t worry, as vicious as they may look, their bark is stronger than their bite. Bring treats. Sans packaging of course.